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How to Choose a Yoga Retreat and My Top 5 Boutique Retreats 2023/24

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Feeling burnt out, fancy hitting reset from busy London life?

Attending a yoga retreat can offer a much-needed escape from the fast-paced city life, providing a variety of benefits to restore your wellbeing.


Stress relief and relaxation

Yoga retreats provide an enriching environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Surrounded by nature or tranquil places, retreats offer a calm environment that's conducive to stress reduction and relaxation. Through yoga, meditation and spa treatments, you can expect to relax, release tension and find inner calm.

Rejuvenation and Re Energisation

Exhaustion often results in physical and mental exhaustion. Retreats offer the opportunity to recharge and replenish energy levels. The combination of yoga practices, healthy eating, and much needed rest can help you to restore vitality and promote a renewed sense of well-being.

Mind-Body Connection

Burnout can disrupt the mind-body connection, leaving people feeling disconnected and drained. Yoga retreats focus on restoring this connection through mindful movement (Asana), breathing (Pranayama), and meditation (Dharana). By engaging in a dedicated practice, participants can restore harmony between their physical and emotional and spiritual body, encouraging a sense of balance and inner alignment.

Self-Care and Self-Reflection

Burnout often arises from neglecting personal needs and priorities. A Yoga retreats can emphasize self-care and self-reflection, providing a safe space to reconnect with yourself. Retreat participants can explore their needs, set limits, and cultivate self-compassion. This introspective journey can lead to a better understanding of personal values, goals, and strategies to prevent future burnout.

Community and Support

Attending a yoga retreat allows burnt out people to connect with a supportive community of like-minded people. Interacting with other participants and sharing experiences can create a sense of belonging and offer valuable information and support. This support network can inspire personal growth, provide perspective, and foster lasting connections beyond retirement.

Digital Detox

Constant exposure to screens and technology exacerbates burnout. Yoga retreats often encourage a digital detox by limiting access to devices and creating an environment focused on present-moment experiences. Separating from technology allows participants to disconnect from work-related pressures, reduce mental clutter, and cultivate a deeper sense of presence and mindfulness.

Change of Perspective

Getting away from the urban environment and immersing yourself in a yoga retreat can provide a new perspective on life. The distance from daily routines and responsibilities allows reflection, introspection and reassessment of priorities. Participants can gain clarity, reframe their mindset and develop strategies to manage stress and burnout more effectively in their London lifestyle.

In short, a yoga retreat provides a peaceful escape from London's fast-paced life, allowing burnouts to relax, recharge, reconnect with themselves and gain valuable information and support. It offers a holistic approach to your well-being and can help you develop healthier habits and a fresh perspective on stress management.


So you have made the amazing decision to book a retreat, this is an exciting opportunity to rebalance and recharge, however, finding the retreat that suits you can be an overwhelming experience. Here are my top tips and questions to ask yourself when starting your search for that dream retreat.

1. Ask yourself, what do you want to get out of this experience?

Relaxation? Connection? Education? Nutrition? Whatever your intention is for a retreat write down your priorities and outcomes.

Retreats can come in all different shapes, sizes and themes and be aimed at different clients from beginner yogis to advance, to weight loss or fitness. They may also have a focus on meditation, a specific style of yoga, breathwork or nutrition.

Do you want a retreat packed full of activities or a retreat that surrounds more relaxation and lounging around a pool. Knowing this beforehand encourages the best fit for you and your intentions so you get the most out of this wonderful experience.

2. Know your budget

I know, not the first part that you want to think about when planning your dream retreat but definitely necessary. The cost of a retreat can vary substantially from £250 for a weekend retreat to £4,000, so knowing your price range will allow for a more focused search.

3. Consider where you want your retreat to be and how long for?

Do you crave somewhere warm? Be mindful that if you are on a budget but are also wanting somewhere really warm and exotic such as places like Costa Rica or Bali these can be expensive. When I am on a budget I choose retreats closer to home, either in the UK, Europe or close to Europe.

How many days do you want to go for? This can help narrow down your search if you have a certain amount of days you can take off work. Some retreats can be just for a day or up to a month.

4. Think about the style of yoga and your level of experience

Do you prefer calmer, more restorative yoga such as Hatha or Yin or a strengthening flow such as Vinyasa flow or Ashtanga?

Contacting a few retreats to help identify if they would be a good match can help you identify your level of experience and the retreat.

5. Make sure you like the teachers who will be hosting the retreat

Making time to research and feel connected to the practitioner hosting the retreat is very important. Most of the time you get a feel for them and their style via websites, reviews, social media. This can be a big sign as to whether or not that specific retreat is right for you.

You can also trial out yoga teacher classes online or in person before signing up to go on their retreat. This can help you identify if you will enjoy their style of teaching and feel comfortable with them.

Now that you have narrowed down what you are looking for in a retreat, here are my top 4 yoga retreats for a unique and tranquil experience. Enjoy!


Yohanna: A nourishing yoga, hike & spa experience

Dates 7th-10th September

Duration: 3 / 4 nights

Yohanna offers a fantastic Yoga and Hike experience in Sweden. This beautiful setting in the Copperhill Mountain Lodge looks like the perfect escape to reset and recharge from busy life and work.

Yohanna's style of wellness coaching alongside yoga offers a personalised approach to rebalance any burnt out londoners, from her personal experience of living in the hectic city and discovering yoga and meditation whilst travelling through Mexico she offers a fantastic balance within this wellness space. I've been enjoying her yoga journey for a while now and find her style beginner friendly, refreshing and empowering.

Price: £585.39- £921.84

Suryalila: Retreat Centre

Dates: Varied

Duration: 6 days

Offering many different dates, set in the stunning countryside of Cadiz, Spain.

The team at Suryalila offers a boutique experience that allows for more freedom and relaxation of your schedule. If you are looking for a retreat that encourages more of an introverted exploration this is for you. You can wake up with Vinyasa flow, relax by the pool in the day and enjoy restorative yoga in the evening. There are options for hiking here as well or horse riding among other activities if you wish. A perfectly Tranquil experience.

Price: Ranging from £400-£800

Surf Maroc: Surf and Yoga

Dates: Varied

Duration: 7 days

One of the first retreats to combine yoga and surfing together in this balance and complimentary duo. Perhaps you want some Yin to your yang when it comes to yoga. Surfing can really add to this skill discovery. Based in Morocco, Taghazout a perfect spot for learning the art of surfing as well as experiencing the unique culture within Morocco and finding balance with yoga.

Price: £749/week

Chakra Retreat in Masca, Canary Islands

Duration: 7 days

Dates: 30 August 2023-6 September

This yoga experience is set in the heart chakra of the Canary islands, Tenerife. After spending 6 weeks in Tenerife myself, I found its volcanic lands have a calming and healing effect on everyone who visits here. I heard about this retreat whilst teaching in Tenerife and would highly recommend its exploration of the chakras, delving deep into this channel of energy can help rebalance and unblock any emotions within. This retreat also offers workshops on nutrition and food.

Based at the stunning Mandala de Masca far away from the typical reputation of Tenerife but by far the most beautiful part of the island.

Price: £1,057

A Beautiful Scuba and Yoga Escape in Egypt with Kirsty Hobson

Although in the midst of a re-design of their new instagram, PDF and website.

Kirsty and her team have three retreats scheduled in Egypt for January 2024; each week includes daily yoga, mindful meditation, swimming & snorkelling, tranquil mountain hikes and nutritional meals alongside accommodation of the highest quality.

What makes Kirsty's retreats so special is her attention to detail. She themes all her retreats, the oncoming three surrounding conservation, callisthenics and ceremony. You also have the added bonus of adding scuba to any of the three weeks if you so wish. A truly unique experience.

I met Kirsty recently and her calm centred approach to yoga was a joy. She combines yoga styles, her background in dance and experience teaching scuba diving to create unique flows that are dynamic and rooted in breath work and functional movement.

She also has a couple of retreats in Sardinia across Feb/March.

Price: TBC

Contact: @krusthob

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