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On A Journey of Health Discovery

My story

Hi there,

Ive spent six years working in the NHS, mainly in Oncology, from patients undergoing and recovering from surgery through to women coping with chemotherapy treatment for Breast cancer. Here I began to notice the impact that nutrition has on individuals during and after treatment and how poor nutrition and lifestyle choices such as stress and exercise can impact overall health, energy levels, weight and stress levels.

I now work as a practice nurse supporting patients through clinical assessments and education for women's health, prevention, weight and lifestyle management, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and more.

Alongside this, two years ago I injured my back leaving me in agonising sciatic pain from a slipped disc, a shock for all involved as I appeared young, fit, healthy and well. I was unable to work for six months in acute pain and left with little guidance or support from health care services. It was at the lowest moment I realised the only person who was going to get me back to good health was me.

I realised I hadn't been listening to my body all this time, choosing instead to view her as a separate being. She had been screaming out for years but I had disassociated from her needs. Preferring to feed her negative self talk, poor nutrition and an unhealthy work-life balance.


So i decided to priorities my body, choosing to nourish her, value her and feed her kindness. through listening to what my body wanted and needed I began to heal, physically and emotionally. Through nutrition and yoga i began to find a version of myself I didn't even know was  There. Through this ongoing journey I have noticed my confidence grow, my energy and most importantly my relationship with myself and others.  On my road to recovery I discovered the joy of mindful movement, good nutrition and strategies to prevent future pain or stress.


However, When I was recovering I searched for support, I wanted someone to help guide me through this journey (as it has not been easy on my own). I wanted somone to educate me and hold me accountable. I wanted someone who had a holistic view point and a therapeutic nature to help me trust in my body once more.

So thats why i'm here, I want to be that guide for you as I want to help you create your own health vision and reach your potential.  My vision is to help support you on your journey to reconnect with their body and your mind, and find balance and alignment with your own health.


Join me and take back control of what's truly important.


Your future self will thank you for it x 

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