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Wellness Eve

As an NHS Practice Nurse, Nutrition and Health Practitioner and a Registered Yoga Teacher. I can help you to create a holistic approach to your health, finding effective strategies to make real changes through movement, nutrition, as well as mind & body awareness. I can help guide you through how your body works to support real long lasting changes, and give you the tools to listen to your body. and make long lasting changes.
I can help you to balance your blood sugars, improve cardiovascular health, manage weight  and improve gut health as well as reducing stress, find strategies to manage chronic pain, improve mobility, strength and flexibility.

Are you ready to tap into your potential? 


Prevention Is The Best Medicine
Your health starts with the body & the mind

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Yoga & Wellness 


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Nutrition Consultations

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17th August

A day of connection...

with the soil, nutritious whole foods, yoga & movement as well as live music and wonderful people.
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Hi there

My name is Eve

I am a Health and Wellness Coach working in a variety of settings to bring your health back into balance. I work in corporate wellness as well as the public wellness industry and on a 1:1 client basis.


As a  Practice Nurse, a Registered Yoga Teacher and a Nutrition and Health Coach I can bring you a multifaceted approach to wellness through fun varied workshops and presentations surrounding health and wellness.


I believe health and wellness is a journey, sometimes finding the path that is right for you can be overwhelming. Privately, I work with clients to create a long lasting  plan, find strategies to meet health goals and create meaningful habit changes.I can support you to feel more confidence and have more  energy, whilst learning the tools to trust in your body once more.​My support and knowledge surrounding women's health, the impact of long term health conditions, mobility, and my personal journey with chronic musculoskeletal pain can help you find the perfect balance, stay motivated and reach that health version of yourself.

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